One Time Rant

Now, more often than not, I should be productive with things that would make me a better person and not stoop down on somebody's outrageous level of insecurity just because HE (yes it's a HE), can't even grow a ball to face and deal with his horrible issues in life! 
Yes, for the longest time, despite all the prayers and enormous self-control, I find myself wanting to write an entry for this egocentric neanderthal man, who knows nothing about my boyfriend and needs to be put in his proper place!

Yup - Facebook is a social network page and everyone has their right to be bitter and moan about their coffee-fuelled rant about other people. But do you honestly have to exceedingly and dramatically put facebook statuses that are nothing more than poor judgement attacks on some "mystery" person whom you feel has offended your ego? Or gloat and boast to make yourself feel better? Or complain hoping for a little sympathy?

Seriously, kudos on acting like a highschool here! Duh! 

Now, relax.. Im just making a casual observation. I just don't know why you don't just come out and openly put your intended target on blast for all to see, there's hardly a difference. And, I could be wrong here, but maybe, just maybe, if you're at the point where telling Facebook about your issue is your only outlet, the person with whom you take issue probably doesn't even know there's a problem, much less give a f*ck!
I know you're just trying to get as many people to come to your pity party as possible, and it's a lot of effort, but... at the cost of airing your personal issues to the public? Is it worth it? Do you really think it's better that everyone sees how pathetic lonely you are? Or how many times you rode a train all by yourself? Or the fact that you couldn't even manage to compose a simple request letter to your boss? There's an element of over-sharing your rants in facebook that is just noooot so cool anymore! I do not presume to know you any better because first of all we're not even “friends” on Facebook but if you still want to put some decency to your pathetic lonely life, do yourself a favor and - cut it out! Please. 

--> Whew! Felt good to get that out! PS. This is a one-time rant!

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